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5 Reasons Why Originals Gelato And Oakstradam OG Is The Best Weed In Los Angeles

May 21st, 2021 | originals
5 Reasons Why Originals Gelato And Oakstradam OG Is The Best Weed In Los Angeles

The Originals team is no stranger to California’s cannabis industry. Our combined experience on the West Coast has given us an expert’s eye when it comes to identifying premium weed. The title of the “best weed in Los Angeles” is extremely lofty, and many contend for this respect every year. Since we began in 2006, and even before then, we’ve seen the rise and fall of countless strains. From the ashes, a handful of timeless winners have become standards for what many would consider “the best.” Among these are the Gelato and Oakstradam OG strains.

When it comes to Gelato and Oakstradam OG, they both satisfy an innate itch of California’s regular cannabis consumer. For Gelato, it speaks to the inner cannasseur in us all that wants to try something out of the ordinary when it comes to flavor, and weed that hits a little harder. In regards to Oakstradam OG, one could argue that OG Kush is the backbone of West Coast cannabis varieties. Oakstradam OG is the brainchild of the evil geniuses at Oakland’s Oaksterdam University, you know, the famous weed school that’s been around forever basically. They were seeking to make the biggest and baddest cut of OG possible—they succeeded.

When it comes to growing practices, packaging, presentation, and our stake in LA cannabis culture, massive effort goes into keeping everything we do operating at the highest levels. The consistency and effort we maintain are focal points in the success story that is Originals. In recent years, the Gelato and the Oakstradam OG have become respected as two strains contending for the best weed in Los Angeles. 

Here are five reasons that can help you make an informed decision for yourself.

LA Natives

Originals is a family-owned business of LA natives that has been in operation since 2006. Our team has a combined 100 years of experience in cultivation which means that multiple people on our grow team provide a TON of wisdom and offer diverse perspectives. 

We come directly from the culture of West Coast cannabis which means we know good weed. Our cuts of Gelato and Oakstradam OG reflect our roots in California cannabis culture. These are the best-of-the-best when it comes to famous strains. Oakstradam OG came from a weed university in Oakland, and Gelato was born from two exotic West Coast powerhouses—Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC. When it comes to representing our California roots, these two strains are prime examples of the best in the state. 

Original Genetics

As we’ve said, we are LA natives that come directly from the culture of “LA weed.” We’ve been in the game long enough to have secured some of the original cuts of some of the West Coast’s most sought-after strains. Where do you think we got our name from? If you’re looking for the truest representation of Gelato or a super-charged OG like our cut of Oakstradam, you’re tasting history. Our strains aren’t from some random seeds we popped, they’re the real deal original genetics straight from the people who created the original strains popularized today.

Quality Control

Originals’ flower comes straight from Family Farms; our indoor grow attached to our weed shop in the heart of Los Angeles. To say that quality control is our biggest concern is an understatement. By controlling every step of the process, we firmly believe in the idea of “if you want it done right, you do it yourself.” Our Gelato and Oakstradam OG strains are the epitome of our obsession with quality control. These sensitive indica plants require the utmost care and precision to produce consistently high yields. Our attention, purpose, and dedication to the growing process are exemplified in these two strains and throughout our cultivation facility.

High Potency

Gelato is one of the most famous strains in the world currently. This fame is due not only to its inclusion in rap lyrics, but also its undeniable potency. When a Gelato strain doesn’t deliver on doughy and gassy terps as well as considerable THC levels, something ain’t right. Similarly, Oakstradam OG was engineered by the brilliant minds of Oakland’s Oakstradam University. So if the Oakstradam strain wasn’t a contender for one of the best strains in California, we would be concerned. We never miss on ensuring these strains turn out as strong as you’d expect them to be.


Did we mention quality control? Since we grow everything in-house, we’re able to make sure that our supply chain is never put into question. If you’re visiting our Originals Factory & Weed Shop, City Compassionate Caregivers, or Downtown Patient Group, you’ll get the same quality every time. We consistently produce award-winning strains such as Wedding Cake, King Louie, Gelato, and Oakstradam OG so you can find premium cannabis when you need it.

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