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The Oakstradam OG Strain by Originals Is One Of California’s Strongest Indicas

May 10th, 2021 | originals
The Oakstradam OG Strain by Originals Is One Of California's Strongest Indicas

Originals’ Oakstradam OG strain is a celebrity cut of OG Kush made by Oaksterdam University in Oakland, the first college for cannabis. The origins of this strain are said to be from crossing a NorCal strain with a Hindu Kush plant from Amsterdam. This heavy indica exhibits all of the classic characteristics of a potent OG taken to a level that you didn’t know existed. This is not a strain for your amateur smoker.

Looking at the Oakstradam OG strain, you can tell it packs a punch. Dense and prickly buds show off deep green hues that are with dark red pistils. A thick blanket of resinous trichomes covers its surface, making the nugs feel sticky and sparkle in the light.

Originals’ Oakstradam OG is known for its loud peppery, sweet, and musky flavors. On the nose, users will notice a strong whiff of sugary lemons. Cracking a nug open will reveal a prominent spicy funk that has hints of hops and cloves.

Oakstradam OG Strain

The typical terps you find with an OG Kush strain are myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene. Our Oakstradam OG strain has a different take on the usual dominant terpenes for an OG Kush variety. With our cut, users will notice a more prominent limonene presence that gives it a noticeably sweet nose. Myrcene still holds some sweetness, while also adding a floral hoppiness to the aroma. Caryophyllene and myrcene work together to produce the spicy-sweet kick that presents itself after cracking a nug.

For a special occasion, Oakstradam OG is the perfect treat for any cannasseur. Smoking some of this heavy indica might promote stress relief and create a sense of stoney euphoria. The high may come quickly like a jolt of lightning to your brain that creates a headband of weight that descends into your core. Originals’ Oakstradam OG is one of the hardest-hitting indica strains that you can find in Los Angeles. Find the freshest drops of it available at our Originals Factory & Weed Shop, City Compassionate Caregivers, and DTPG.