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The Wedding Cake Strain by Originals Has Tart, Vanilla Flavors And High-THC

Jun 02nd, 2021 | originals
Complete Guide To Buying Originals Weed At Originals San Diego

Our Wedding Cake strain is definitely worth celebrating and may turn any day into a special occasion. This potent indica-hybrid strain is a Seed Junky Genetics hallmark that comes from crossing Triangle Kush with Animal Mints. Relaxing, euphoric, and uplifting highs may come from smoking this strain that features a tart vanilla flavor with hoppy and earthy undertones. The high THC content of this strain only adds to the power it may hold to steer your day in a positive direction.

The Originals Wedding Cake strain shows off some striking colors and beautifully round trichome heads. It’s no surprise this strain has won so many awards over the years. Each nug has a pale and dark green appearance with ripe orange pistils jutting out. The resinous coating of trichomes gripping its surface almost looks like frosting. The first whiff you get on the nose is like a spicy bouquet of flowers. Cracking a nug open reveals a tangy pepper that has a rich undertone. 

Wedding Cake Strain

Limonene, caryophyllene, and myrcene are the dominant terpenes in the Wedding Cake strain. It’s unsurprising that many report the effects of this strain being potentially relaxing and pain-relieving. Limonene has a sugary sweetness to it that may also cause stress reduction. Caryophyllene may produce anti-inflammatory effects by binding with your CB2 receptor, as well as add a clove-like aroma to the strain. Myrcene may produce the calming effects that many associate with being high and bring notes of hops, flowers, and berries.

Smoking on Originals’ Wedding Cake might put a smile on your face and give you a light case of the munchies. As mentioned, the high THC content of this strain may not be for beginners. On first inhale, you may note a tangy spice that resolves into a sour earthiness on the tongue. The effects may come quickly, relaxing the body and sending you into a state of blissful happiness. Coming to LA, customers can find the freshest drops of our Wedding Cake strain at the Originals Factory & Weed Shop, City Compassionate Caregivers, and DTPG.